Best 5 android apps 2017

Best android apps: It is already been middle of year and we are stepping into other part of the year. Based on 6 months of 2017 many apps have been successful and have been liked by people a lot. People are really waiting for the review on best android apps 2017. The apps which we will tell you will be unique and have really fantasized people a lot. Though they will be paid but they are worth paying for. We will now look at 5 android apps of 2017 which have really shined a lot and are really good to use.


1. Express VPN App

If you are using public WI-FI then there is risk of data security and privacy so it is better to hide your IP address so that nobody can actually risk you privacy. It is virtual private network provider. And in 2017 Express VPN has become a trusted brand which everyone wants in his or her system. Not only while using public WI-FI but in some countries some websites are blocked and for using those websites you need to hide your IP. It can provide you millions of IP addresses and the biggest benefit of using Express VPN is that while using browser even the speed of your browser won’t fall/ It is very fast. It is a very light software so it won’t affect your other processes.


This provides you with SSL- secured network which is 256 bit encrypted. There is data limitation while using Express VPN, you can do unlimited data usage. It has got famous in about 100 countries of world. You can get this is at 8.32$ per month and it is really best app of 2017 till date. You should once use this app and give your feedback. All the best!!

2. Weather App

It is no doubt one of the best weather prediction apps in market these days. It has a very simple interface in which you can see forecast of about 12 weeks and the forecast is displayed in such comprehensible manner that you will be really amazed with this app. You will also get some interesting widgets with it and one radar which will inform you about coming storms. Its design is that you can even get the weather details on main page only. Even if you will download for free you will get all the features which are present in paid version.


The only thing which differs in paid version is the advertisements which won’t come in paid version. You just have to pay 1.99$ for removing the advertisements. You will be happy to see weather fun facts in this app. Should try this android app for once and I assure that you will definitely like this app.

3. Blue Mai App


It is no doubt one of the best email app available on market. It has a very good interface and it let you sync all your emails in a single go. Your all emails will be managed under single app. isn’t it exciting? Yes it is. There are some other settings which will make your experience more enriched. You will be able to lock your mails and even color them in such a way that is liked by you a lot. It is free to use and you can download it without any difficulty. It get regular updates and due to which people like this app a lot.

4. Last Pass Password Manager App


It is a very unique app for managing your passwords in a single go.  You can save your credentials in a very secure manner and it will also generate some unique passwords which are very hard to predict. It supports cross platform so you will be able to run the same in many platforms either it be windows, android or MAC. It has got paid as well as cheap version. In premium version all features are not included. You should always have this app in your android phone to manage your password and to protect your security. You should once use the app and then decide.

5. Pocket Casts App


This app is for those people who really love listening to podcasts. This will allow you to download or stream famous podcasts so that you can have a much enriched music listening experience. It supports both audio as well as video podcasts so that you can really have fun watching both. You can sync your podcasts even if it is installed in different devices. You can even change theme of your podcasts. If you have downloaded Podcasts you will really have any need to any other app. You can get this app for just 4$. Why to leave this app. Just try once and enjoy a lot.


So, now we have looked at 5 amazing android apps of 2017. They all are awesome and worth installing once in your android phones. All the best!!

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