How to change language of Tutu app

Change language of Tutu app

change language of tutu app: Tutu app is an amazing app in which we can download paid apps, games, wallpapers and movies for free. Tutuapp pokemon go is third party application which you can run in your smartphone for downloading paid apps for free. You can run paid apps and games with the help of Tutuapp for free. It has really great collection of games and apk. Even Tutu Pokémon Go android is available for free. The apps are updated every single day. It has a really nice interface which is very much easy to understand for novice. Also it has a toolbar too which can manage your alarms, reminders and other things.

change language of tutu app

It is built by a Japanese developer so the language in which it is available is Japanese. This is a big setback while understanding the app. If you want to download something from Tutu app you have to first understand the language then only you can understand the popups. Isn’t it? There isn’t doubt that tutu app is behind any other app. It has an amazing collection of paid apps, games and many more. Just the thing which we need to change is the language and it will be like icing over cake.

So, now we will look at some ways in which we can access tutu app in language other than Japanese. The procedure is not tough, it is just like the steps you have perform in a flow then only you will be able to download the apps from tutu app with ease and without any hassle.

Steps to change language to English in Tutu App

The original version of Tutu app has one limitation that I it language can’t be changed. The developer has not given any set of permissions to change the language of the tutu app. But there is another app in market known as tutu helper which is available in English which you can access to download the apps and games. It is same as that of Tutu app and the same games and apps will be available which are in Tutu original app.

Step 1:

  1. You have to first visit the website vip from your browser.
  2. In home Page you can chose which version you want to download. Either ioS or Android. You can download any depending upon your requirements.
  3. When you will select your version you can select language bar in the left side of the site.
  4. In that tab you can select English.
  5. When you will click on English then in the bottom you will see option “Download Now” and you app will start getting downloading.
  6. You can then install in your device.
  7. Eventually when you will open this app you will see that the pop ups and explanation in coming in English.
  8. Now you can download without any tension and the steps were damn easy.
  9. Common follow these steps and use the app in English.

Step 1 was easy and you can follow the above mentioned procedure without any difficulty. Also one more procedure is there which also you can follow in order to download the app in English.

Step 2:

  1. You can download the apk file.
  2. Then apk will start downloading in your device.
  3. Then you should install the app in your device. You have two options to select, one is Install and other one is Cancel.
  4. But sometimes “Installation blocked” message appears for which you need to follow below procedure in order to move forward for complete installation of the app.
  5. You have to visit your mobile settings and there you have to select security. There click on Unknown sources option.
  6. Now again try to install the app and now you won’t get any installation blocked message on your screen.
  7. You can now see the app In English and you can now download anything from this app without any tension of understanding some foreign language which you don’t even know.
  8. The procedure is simple and just the thing is you have to follow the steps mentioned above an your problem will be solved. Isn’t it interesting? Yes it is.


Hence, now you know how to change the language in tutu app. The procedure is far more simple and effective. You don’t have to do some technical things in order to change the language. The procedure is very easy and a layman can easy understand it. So now it is you’re your call to implement this procedure. You can even share these with your friends so that they can also come to know about the ways to change the language in tutu app. So start downloading the app and use it in your language. All the best!!

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